Uniting Niagara's Sexual and Gender Diverse Community

About OUTNiagara

OUTniagara is the on-line Bulletin Board for the LGBTQ community in Niagara. We work to spread information about and for our partners and the community on both our website and Facebook page. In this way, we attempt to unite our diverse community by advertising events, discussing issues and supporting the work of our partner organizations.

Become a Partner

Since 2004, OUTniagara has served to support a growing list of partner organizations thatwork with and for the sexual and gender-diverse community of Niagara.

We support our partners by:

  • Connecting individuals to their services.
  • Assisting with advertising and volunteer support for their events.
  • Listing partner organizations with contact information on the OUTniagara website.

To become a member and become part of the OUTniagara community, please email us at the following: info@outniagara.ca